Monday, January 31, 2011

Crispy in Ukraine

i was recently revisiting some photos from the tour, and... ya know, it just ain't rock and roll w/o arriving after a redeye and playing a show after not having nap time or nourishment.

then another redeye on rails to L'viv... with the liquid essentials.

i love this.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ASM rise to fame on Ukrainian-language Ukrainian TV!

Here we are on the Ivano-Frankivsk television! With our dear friend Roman Ros', a true collaborator and late-night singer of Kozak songs.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peter Hess Gonna Make U[kraine] Sweat

On the Odessa TV show this morning, we played part of Kamala's "Bitter Suite" and Peter's "Voiceprint." About the latter the male host said, "when you started that second piece...I started to sweat a little."

That's a hell of a compliment in any language.

ASM rise to fame via Ukrainian TV!

The Charms of the Carpathians

Violinist Powwow 
Our biggest crowd yet, Kryvorivnya

Enjoying some local jams

Post-performance honors from the local priest

Embracing the mojo of the karate van

Windy, no?

Checking out a local instrument craftsman's workshop

Ram's horn ocarina

Traffic jam

To each his trout lunch... Smach-no-ho!

Finally off the train after a sleepless night, Odessa

Odessa and the magic of Wifi!

We're finally able to post some photos with a little better internet access in the lovely city of Odessa. It's been unseasonably warm, great for exploring the city, though we're still at a loss to what any of the street signs say. Just when a few of us had a handle on the Ukranian Cyrillic alphabet, we've switched to more Russian spellings in this Black Sea coast town. 

Without further ado, some photo highlights of the tour thus far:
Hardened travelers, L'viv

Relaxing in a local artist's studio, L'viv

Hubert and his doppelganger

Off to Oxsana's home for a lovely lunch

Drew, feeling at home in the land of the Hutsuls

Watch out, Ukraine. 

The Beast and his Master

Thursday, November 4, 2010

ASM On Morning TV From Одеса?

So, we're all a little confused/bemused about this, but apparently we'll be performing during a live morning show in Odessa this Sunday morning. The show has a theme which they described as "Men's Day."  We're supposed to embody that theme somehow.  We're thinking perhaps showing up with Pat, Hubert, Jeff and Drew in drag?

We'll just be playing some very short segments, but it's certainly exciting.  Or frightening.  Or crazy.  Yeah, definitely one of those.

Too tired to say more.

- Pat