Saturday, November 6, 2010

Odessa and the magic of Wifi!

We're finally able to post some photos with a little better internet access in the lovely city of Odessa. It's been unseasonably warm, great for exploring the city, though we're still at a loss to what any of the street signs say. Just when a few of us had a handle on the Ukranian Cyrillic alphabet, we've switched to more Russian spellings in this Black Sea coast town. 

Without further ado, some photo highlights of the tour thus far:
Hardened travelers, L'viv

Relaxing in a local artist's studio, L'viv

Hubert and his doppelganger

Off to Oxsana's home for a lovely lunch

Drew, feeling at home in the land of the Hutsuls

Watch out, Ukraine. 

The Beast and his Master

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