Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ASM rise to fame on Ukrainian-language Ukrainian TV!

Here we are on the Ivano-Frankivsk television! With our dear friend Roman Ros', a true collaborator and late-night singer of Kozak songs.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peter Hess Gonna Make U[kraine] Sweat

On the Odessa TV show this morning, we played part of Kamala's "Bitter Suite" and Peter's "Voiceprint." About the latter the male host said, "when you started that second piece...I started to sweat a little."

That's a hell of a compliment in any language.

ASM rise to fame via Ukrainian TV!

The Charms of the Carpathians

Violinist Powwow 
Our biggest crowd yet, Kryvorivnya

Enjoying some local jams

Post-performance honors from the local priest

Embracing the mojo of the karate van

Windy, no?

Checking out a local instrument craftsman's workshop

Ram's horn ocarina

Traffic jam

To each his trout lunch... Smach-no-ho!

Finally off the train after a sleepless night, Odessa

Odessa and the magic of Wifi!

We're finally able to post some photos with a little better internet access in the lovely city of Odessa. It's been unseasonably warm, great for exploring the city, though we're still at a loss to what any of the street signs say. Just when a few of us had a handle on the Ukranian Cyrillic alphabet, we've switched to more Russian spellings in this Black Sea coast town. 

Without further ado, some photo highlights of the tour thus far:
Hardened travelers, L'viv

Relaxing in a local artist's studio, L'viv

Hubert and his doppelganger

Off to Oxsana's home for a lovely lunch

Drew, feeling at home in the land of the Hutsuls

Watch out, Ukraine. 

The Beast and his Master

Thursday, November 4, 2010

ASM On Morning TV From Одеса?

So, we're all a little confused/bemused about this, but apparently we'll be performing during a live morning show in Odessa this Sunday morning. The show has a theme which they described as "Men's Day."  We're supposed to embody that theme somehow.  We're thinking perhaps showing up with Pat, Hubert, Jeff and Drew in drag?

We'll just be playing some very short segments, but it's certainly exciting.  Or frightening.  Or crazy.  Yeah, definitely one of those.

Too tired to say more.

- Pat

Andrea Wets Her Whistle

31. October

I'm on an overnight train from L'viv to Kyiv. Last night's concert was pretty good. It felt a little muted. I don't know if that was because of where I was sitting or my own tiredness or others' jetlag. My performance of "misoneism" eventually went well. I had an awful case of dry-mouth, which I've never experienced before. My lips were getting stuck on my gums, so after making a beatbox sound, I couldn't get my lips into a flute embouchure on time. As a result, my sound was rather crappy. About 2 minutes in, I realized I had to either stop and start over, or just figure out some way to "wet my whistle" in the context of the piece. I chose the latter and stuck some improv in. I don't know what Mozart people do! Carry water, I suppose. You don't know how bad it is until you experience it yourself.

At first, I thought the audience wasn't really into our show. But I remembered different cultures have differing levels of emotional demonstration. They did clap in unison at the end of the show, which I've heard is similar to a standing ovation in these parts.

It is wonderful to be back with Pat, Hu, Jeff, Maria, Kamala, and Drew, and to pick up right where we left off!

1 November

We've had great luck with the weather and were able to get a feel for L'viv. I'm sure it would be challenging, but I feel I could live here. It's beautiful and there is some serious culture and counter-culture going on.

Last night's concert at Dzyga was a great success. We all played well, we had a good time, the house was full and was really excited about our music.

There was a group of happy Georgians, drinking and bursting into song at regular intervals. Then they came over to our table to pay homage to Pat, their new model of masculinity. It was fascinating to behold --- the whistling of "summertime," the bear hugs, the cheek kisses... Totally wild. Pat handled it all with grace, of course.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anti-Social Socializing in Kryvorivnia

We just finished playing a show in the relatively small Carpathian mountain village of Kryvorivnia, next to Verkhovyna.  This was a very strange show both for us and the audience.  Many small children were present, which meant we had to muzzle Pat and take away his vodka.  There was some bewilderment and some amused reactions (and hey, fair enough).  However, the applauded warmly and gave us a great send off by clapping along to Jeff's tune that repurposes a famous Ukrainian melody about the village itself.

Afterwards, both the newly elected mayor and head priest told us over dinner (!!) that they loved the performance.  They sang many traditional Hutsul songs to us while we ate all kinds of delicious but untranslatable meats and cheeses.  They wanted us to sing them some traditional American songs, and we realized to our shame that we didn't really collectively know any good examples.  We ended up stumbling through some hoarse and drunken renditions of "You Are My Sunshine," "Amazing Grace" and "This Land is Your Land." To our surprise, they immediately followed our performance of "You Are My Sunshine" with their own performance of the exact same tune with Ukrainian lyrics.  A key international bonding came when we all agreed that the song becomes surprisingly sad during the second verse.

Both the priest and the mayor offered some really beautiful kind words to us.  They told us that the best honey is made from many different wildflowers, and though our music may be extra wild and harder to listen to than other music, it still provides a necessary spice. Actually, it's hard to convey the exact meaning of their compliments, but even our hard and dirty hearts were moved.

Now, sleep.

- Pat Muchmore

PS: And here's a picture of Drew with a cute kitty.  This is at the house of Maria's friend were we ate way to much food, and were then yelled at by the friend's mother for not eating more.

And here's a picture of some of us at that dinner with the mayor.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And here's the evidence...

Photos from L'viv show by Marta Shvets.

Apparently there was a good show in L'viv

Although we were not previously aware of the now-obvious Batman/vampire cultural crossover.

Jeff Hudgins Reports


Get on a plane, attempt sleep, sleep-aids and all, then spend a couple hours getting to a Kyiv apartment to then not have enough time for a quick nap before the show at Center Kurbas. So, it was a good one, but some pieces had to cede parts of themselves to the overtired monster. Then to our overnight train to Lviv, complete with compartments and bunks, very comfortable, actually. Rough first day, but we're done with the worst part; on to tonite's show, at Dziga, Lviv. Had a great in Town today as well, but more on that later!


So beautiful here. People seem very friendly and warm here. Not much staring at us... maybe no-one wants to say anything? After arriving from the train and checking in to our apartment, we had a nice breakfast at the venue for the evening (Dzyga). Delicious, and some interesting items on the menu, including "crazy meat," "pretentiousness" (a dessert), salo (pork fat with chocolate), the latter sadly being 86ed. Then around the town, craft markets, a walk to the top of Castle Hill with a fab view of the city; naps were had, coffee... most certainly an easier day than the day before in Kyiv. And we got some love from the locals at the show, great venue, great energy, Georgian folk songs (drunk ones), beer... Today was a much-needed day off in Lviv. Still fairly busy though. Visited local artist Taras Beniakh in his studio-with-a-view (pix are definitely forthcoming btw, free wifi's hard to come by here), went to Lviv's main cemetery (it is all saints day after all), visited the music conservatory here and met their director... Off to Ivano-Frankivsk tomorrow, enough slacking already, time to make more music!

Pat reports from Moscow airport

Good news for anyone traveling to the Moscow airport in the near future!


Far worse news if you'll be at the Moscow airport in the near future.



Anti-Social Music Ukrainian Tour!

Idiots hit the road, thanks to the Trust For Mutual Understanding and the American Embassy in Kiev!

ASM's Hell-Yes Ukraine Tour 2010
«Anti-Social Music (Анти-соціальна музика)» - це нью- йоркський колектив композиторів та перформерів, спрямований на залучення більш широкої аудиторії до експериментальної камерної музики, створеної молодими композиторами. Цей проект іноді називають +панк-класичним- ансамблем, через те, що вони змішують деякі стилі сучасної академічної композиторської практики з естетикою рок-музики. Гурт святкує свій 10-річний ювілей з туром поУкраїні, який відбудеться з 29 жовтня по 7 листопада. Навесні 2011 р. заплановано випуск нового альбому The Future of Everything (Майбутнє Всього).

Tour Announcement (translated): Anti-Social Music is a New York City based composer and performer's collective devoted to bringing experimental chamber music by emerging composers to wide audiences. Sometimes called a "punk-classical" ensemble, Anti-Social Music blends some conventions of modern academic composition with the aesthetics and influence of rock. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, ASM is coming on tour to Ukraine October 29 - November 7, and will be releasing its new album, The Future of Everything, in the spring of 2011.
  1. Saturday, October 30, 2010, 7 pm, KYIV: Center Kurbas (Volodymyrska 23)
  2. Sunday, October 31, 2010, 7 pm, L'VIV: Dzyga (vul. Virmenska 35)
  3. Tuesday, November 2, 2010, IVANO-FRANKIVSK: Knyharnia Ye (вул. Незалежності, 31)
  4. Wednesday, November 3, 2010, HUTSULSHCHYNNA TBD
  5. Saturday, November 6, 2010, ODESA: EXIT Art Club (24, Bunin Street)
  6. Sunday, November 7, 2010, KYIV: Kyiv Conservatory (вул.Архiтектора Городецького 1-3/11)
We can't send all of ASM, but you can't go wrong with Hubert Chen, Andrea La Rose (joining us from Germany!), Pat Muchmore, Jeff Hudgins, and Maria Sonevytsky.