Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jeff Hudgins Reports


Get on a plane, attempt sleep, sleep-aids and all, then spend a couple hours getting to a Kyiv apartment to then not have enough time for a quick nap before the show at Center Kurbas. So, it was a good one, but some pieces had to cede parts of themselves to the overtired monster. Then to our overnight train to Lviv, complete with compartments and bunks, very comfortable, actually. Rough first day, but we're done with the worst part; on to tonite's show, at Dziga, Lviv. Had a great in Town today as well, but more on that later!


So beautiful here. People seem very friendly and warm here. Not much staring at us... maybe no-one wants to say anything? After arriving from the train and checking in to our apartment, we had a nice breakfast at the venue for the evening (Dzyga). Delicious, and some interesting items on the menu, including "crazy meat," "pretentiousness" (a dessert), salo (pork fat with chocolate), the latter sadly being 86ed. Then around the town, craft markets, a walk to the top of Castle Hill with a fab view of the city; naps were had, coffee... most certainly an easier day than the day before in Kyiv. And we got some love from the locals at the show, great venue, great energy, Georgian folk songs (drunk ones), beer... Today was a much-needed day off in Lviv. Still fairly busy though. Visited local artist Taras Beniakh in his studio-with-a-view (pix are definitely forthcoming btw, free wifi's hard to come by here), went to Lviv's main cemetery (it is all saints day after all), visited the music conservatory here and met their director... Off to Ivano-Frankivsk tomorrow, enough slacking already, time to make more music!

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